While I am proud and happy to display my work on the web, it DOES NOT mean my images or written content found on this site is free for anyone to save, copy or use without my express written permission. This work is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN and cannot be used without my consent.

ALL content is © Catherine Lane, which means permission is required from me to use ANY imagery or written content found on this site.



If you are a designer or graphic artist and are interested in using my images, a large number of them are available for licensing through the agencies I work with. To view my online portfolios with these agents, or to license one of my stock images, please check HERE and HERE.



Client images are created on a work for hire basis, and will be Rights Managed, which means the usage terms of the images created will be outlined in a contract. The copyright of all images will still remain with myself, but you will be able to use the images as outlined in a Rights Managed Agreement that will be determined before any work begins.



Images traded  as TFP (Time for Prints) , or TFCD (Time for CD), will also remain copyright of myself, as is the case with every photographer I know, but you will be presented with a 'permission to print' slip, (in the case of TFCD) that will enable you to have images printed for your own personal use. Any images traded for time modeling will be restricted in their use, in as far as the images cannot be given in digital form to anyone else, cannot be entered into contests or promotions, and cannot be sold. Images are to be used for personal use only. TFP and TFCD will enable you to build a personal and professional portfolio that you will be very proud of, but these images cannot be given to other parties in the form of digital art. You may give family members prints, but no digital imagery.



At the end of the day, I work extremely hard and invest a great amount of time and effort to create work that I and my clients can be very proud of, and I will also work hard to protect these images. Please respect my hard work and business, and do not steal images from this site. If you like my work, most of it is available for licensing at very reasonable rates. And, if you want an image to hang on your wall, I will soon be offering beautiful prints for sale, again at reasonable rates.