Several times a year, I will network with other photographers from around the world and we will meet in a chosen location and work and shoot together with groups of models over a series of days. During these shooting sessions various concepts will be created and shot, with each photographer having their own unique perspective and view, which results in some really amazing imagery.  At other times, I will work one-on-one with models, in much smaller set-ups, working usually on one concept only for each shooting session.

As most of my time is spent creating imagery for my stock portfolio, I am often looking for 'real people' of all ages who may be interested in working with me as a model. If I have talked with you about being a potential model, this page will provide an overview of what it means, and will answer the most common questions asked. Two of the most frequently asked questions are: "What is stock photography?" and "What does it take to be a model?".



Stock photographs are images that are created by a professional or hobbyist photographer that are offered for licensing by an agent to designers and various clients who may use them to create any number of different promotions. For example: magazine use, billboard use, web site use. Stock images have even appeared on TV shows and at music concerts. Stock images are usually very conceptual in their content, for example: back to school theme/ business theme etc. Chances are if you have browsed a magazine or the internet you will have seen many stock images in use. It is unlikely a model will ever know where an image featuring them has been used, but very occasionally models will spot themselves on product packaging or even on the cover of a magazine. To date, I have licensed over 99,000 images. 



Just about anyone can be a model, and for stock imagery 'real people' are who I look to work with. The biggest asset for a stock model, in my experience, is a good attitude, as this comes across in the images and can make or break any shot. As I shoot conceptual, real life images, I want the people in the images to be true to life, which means anyone who has the desire and right attitude can make a great model. There are requirements however, and those are listed below, but if you have a great attitude, patience and confidence in front of a camera lens, chances are you might make a good stock model.

The following must be adhered to if  you wish to work with me. If you cannot agree or meet these terms, we cannot work together for stock imagery:

  1. Models under 18 years of age, must be accompanied at all times during shoots/shoot meetings by a parent or legal guardian. No exceptions.
  2. Proof of age is required by models over 18 years of age, before any work will begin.
  3. A signed and witnessed model release must be completed before any work begins. Parents / guardians must complete and sign for minors. (I have a standard model release that will be provided for each shoot session).
  4. A new model release must be completed before each shooting session. No exceptions. This takes less than 10 minutes and is designed to protect the rights of you the model, and myself as the photographer.



I value my time dearly, and would never expect those who work with me not to be rewarded for theirs, which is why if you work with me, you will be fairly compensated. Compensation will vary between shoots; it will be determined by a number of factors: duration of photo shoot, model experience, type of shoot, etc. To get an idea of how you might be compensated, below is a brief overview of what you can expect after the shoot. Compensation will be discussed prior to each shoot.


The first couple of shoots will be compensated as TFP (time for prints). You will receive a selection of  professionally printed images from the session, for your personal use. These images are perfect for portfolio building.


A session or hourly fee will be paid. The rate will be determined depending on the type of shoot, and level of experience. Again, this will be discussed and disclosed prior to the shoot session. If you wish to have prints from the session to build your own model portfolio, we can work on a split of prints and fee.