My name is Cat, and I am a professional freelance photographer located in the Colorado Springs area of Colorado, USA.

I was born and raised in England, but moved to the US (first Virginia, and now Colorado) after spending several years living in Japan. It was while living in Japan that I discovered and became enthralled with photography, and it soon became the center of my working life.

I quickly developed an intense love affair with this craft, and it is fair to say, I live, dream and breathe photography. I feel beyond lucky to be able to spend my working life in this creative field, and can honestly think of nothing else I would rather be doing.

Passion to always push further; to literally see what may develop from a single thought; to strive to make every new image better in some way than the last, is what keeps me so infatuated with this work, and it is how I can be so deeply immersed in it at all times. And, really I am.

It is with this drive and desire that I work... whether it is for my own assignment, or for a client... on each and every shoot, from my initial concept to the final processing of each and every image - passion is key to me creating successful imagery.



As a freelance photographer, I have the wonderful opportunity to work with both clients and on my own personal projects and assignments. I choose to spend the majority of my time shooting images for the two agencies I work with, which just happen to be the biggest photography agencies in the world: Getty Images and iStockPhoto.  By choosing to focus most of my time producing high quality images for these agencies, I am also able to shoot whatever I choose, meaning I have total creative freedom for every shot. And, in every shot, whether it is destined for delivery to my agents' sites, for a client who has hired me, or for my own personal project, I will promise the highest quality work I am personally able to achieve. Guaranteed. 

To view my online portfolios with my agents, or to license one of my stock images, please check HERE and HERE.

As well as creating the images described above, I also have several personal projects I am working on, and please look for more details announced in the blog section of the site regarding these.



I shoot with both Canon and Nikon's professional grade equipment for the highest quality images possible. For fun, and creative shooting, I am also a big fan of LensBaby equipment and own several of their lenses.

While I love to shoot in all natural light, I also love the versatility and creative possibilities of using strobes with ambient light for on-location shooting, and of course in the studio.

I shoot all images in RAW, process in Adobe Lightroom then finish in Photoshop CS6 and CC where I will save my final high resolution images in the ProPhoto RGB profile for the widest possible color gamut when printing. In short, I use and do everything possible to ensure the sharpest, richest, truest images possible.



There are so many things in everyday life that can influence our minds, but I have to say most of my inspiration comes from the written word. This sounds crazy, I know, as photography is such a visual medium, but I have a very creative mind, and for me everything starts with words.

I almost never watch TV, but instead love to read and listen to music when I am not out with my camera. In songs I will perhaps hear a poetic line; in books read an inspiring sentence that will in turn set my mind thinking and eventually influence a whole shoot theme for me. Along with these sources as influence, a lot of times I will think of concepts while I am out walking or at the gym exercising, as during these times my mind is pretty free from thinking about anything and that's when most ideas come. Then it is a rush to jot down the concept before I forget it again - many times I have used the tiniest scraps of paper with cryptic notes to myself so later when I return home I can recall the idea!

I transcribe all my "paper scraps with ideas" onto individual index cards, which I then file and return to when I am looking for ideas for an upcoming shoot. This system, though fairly rudimentary sounding in this age of computers works really well for me, as I like to pull out my different idea cards from time to time and add new thoughts, allowing the original idea/concept to blossom.



I have shot literally 1000's of images during the last few years, which vary in subject from children to chocolate chip cookies, and everything in-between. In order to present a cross-section of my work, without overload, I have uploaded a very small sampling of my work from different genres. I will update and change these images every so often, but will likely keep the content fairly small, as these images are designed just to give an overview of how I see and work. I hope you enjoy viewing them.